Where are they now?

Olivia Anderson Life at DANCE DYNAMICS 2000-2003 - Before Olivia Graduated from our school she attained her Royal Academy of Dance Elementary certification. She went on to study at the Queensland University of Technology and gained a Bachelor of Arts in dance teaching. She was a teacher at the Australian Institute of Youth Theatre and a contractor for the Australian School Dance programmes. She has recently moved to Sydney to further her dance teaching career.

Ellen Meir Life at DANCE DYNAMICS 2000-2008 - Ellen’s enthusiasm for dance never dies! She is currently teaching and working in London. In 2005 Ellen was successful in her audition with the Gloucestershire Dance Company where she performed before returning to Byron Bay as a teacher at our school. Having travelled through Europe, Ellen has tasted the world of dance with countless influences and styles. We are lucky to have Ellen frequently return to Byron Bay as one of our special quest teachers.

Jemima McDonald Life at DANCE DYNAMICS 2004-2007 - Our bright spark Jemima is an unstoppable force! During her time at our School she achieved great things! She was a founding member of our 2007 Company and was awarded on several occasions for her talent at local and regional eisteddfods. She gained top examination results in her intermediate foundation exam through the Royal Academy of Dance. In 2008 she was accepted into the prestigious full-time training course at Brent Street Performing Arts in Sydney.

Margot Robertshaw Life at DANCE DYNAMICS 2002-2008 - In 2005 Margot’s ability and talent was recognised by the Gold Coast Dancers Company after her successful audition which then led her to be a season member for the following 3 years. In 2008 Margot was given a $10,000 scholarship to study full time at the McDonald College of Arts in Sydney for 2009. Margot chose to train full-time in dance at Brent Street Performing Arts in Sydney. She has trained in New York and LA under Mia Michaels So You Think You Can Dance American Choreographer. Margot is currently on the television show “Everybody Dance Now.”

Jorja Brain Life at DANCE DYNAMICS 2001-2009 - Jorja's bright personality and commitment to her craft is paying off! After several years of dance training, Jorja began to pursue her passion for drama. Through Dance Dynamics’ musical theatre course, she worked on developing herself as a performer by refining her skills in dance, vocal, and drama. Jorja regularly performs in local productions, and in 2008 landed the lead role of Sharpay in the Ballina Players’ production of Disney’s ‘High School Musical’. Expanding her knowledge and experience further, Jorja’s talents are now recognised on your TV screen in commercials for Subway and Suncorp. She is currently studying film production at University of Technology in Sydney and be attending Toronto Film festival this year. She continues acting and performing in short films and plays. “I have come to realize how beneficial it is being immersed in as many aspects of the industry as possible.

Bo Daly Life at DANCE DYNAMICS 2004-2009 - In Bo’s life at our school she grew from strength to strength. In 2007 she began our specialised Master Dancer™ and Teacher training course and from here she flourished not only in her dance precision but her ability to effectively pass on her knowledge to others. At the beginning of 2007 Bo’s dance excellence was rewarded in her acceptance into the Gold Coast Musical Company’s rendition of “High School Musical”. In 2008 Bo was awarded an honorable recognition for being in the top 10% of Australia for her self choreographed HSC dance piece.

Paige Leacey Life at DANCE DYNAMICS 2006-2008 - Paige’s determination to master dance is incredible. When she came to our school she had only gymnastics and drama experience. After working very hard in both our musical theatre and dance classes, she was accepted into our senior performance troupe in 2008 and was also given the a lead in our Wizard of Oz mid Year Production. In 2008 she was accepted into the Australian Acting Academy, and in 2009 she was also accepted into the year long part time NIDA course called Young Actors Studio.

Patrick Aikin Life at DANCE DYNAMICS 2007-2009 - After joining our Dance Dynamics Musical Theatre troupe Patrick’s sordid love-affair with musical theatre began. Through our school he performed in several award-winning compilation productions allowing him to explore roles such as Mark Cohen from Jonathan Larson's RENT, M. Thénardier from LES MISÉRABLES, Linus van Pelt from YOU'RE A GOOD MAN, CHARLIE BROWN, Billy Flynn from CHICAGO and Edna Turnblad from HAIRSPRAY. More recently Patrick was selected as one of 14 acts to perform his original dramatic work THE TASK to sell-out crowds as a part of ONSTAGE, a showcase hosted by Sydney's Seymour Centre to present outstanding achievement and talent within the Higher School Certificate elective Drama course. In 2010 Patrick was accepted into Harvest Rain full time Musical Theatre school in Brisbane.

Molly Phillips Life at DANCE DYNAMICS 2007-2011 - Molly worked incredibly hard at Dance dynamics and due to her hard work in 2011 she was accepted to train Full-Time at "The Village" a full time dance and performing arts course offering a Certificate IV in dance.

Lucy Livanes Life at DANCE DYNAMICS 2001-2014 - Lucy attained her intermediate R.A.D level exam and with a thirst for commercil dance she was accepted to train full-time with dance force in 2014. She has just recently graduated from gaining her Certificate IV in dance and is now moving to Sydney to pursure her dreams.

Timeah Logie Life at DANCE DYNAMICS 2010-2014 - When Timeah commenced at our school she had no training prior and was 9 years old. Within a few years she gained her intermediiate R.A.D exam and was accepted to train full-time at the Queensland National Ballet School. Timeah has travelled to Europe to futher her ballet and is in the the process of her final year of full-time training in Sydney.

Emily Dale Life at DANCE DYNAMICS 2009-2015 - Emily was a promising ballet student at our school and grew from strength to strength. In 2015 she was accepted to train full-time at both Dance Force and Ransleys Classical Ballet school however chose the latter. Emily has completed up to her Advanced I R.A.D exams and is ecited about moving into a teaching career.