“Within the structure of the trained dancer, creativity becomes endless!”  Kate Histon

Our aim is to provide excellence in Dance education and personal and professional development. We provide a service for those seeking a career in the industry EmilyLucyTimeah
and we are lifelong friends of the arts. We believe that dance & performing arts
are an all round development for youth by helping them grow and develop physically,
enhancing their artistic and creative qualities as well as assisting their emotional
growth and self confidence.

We enforce conscious values in competition and measure success by the individuals’ continual growth, development and commitment to their personal goals and team.

We aim to;
● Coach students in developing and practicing safe dance habits with
   a strong and clean technique.
● Understand the mind, body relationship through;

- Connecting & developing students artistic qualities by educating them in the
  awareness of the feeling side of their performance

- Offer ongoing opportunities for development including examinations, auditions for our
  performance groups, workshops, guest teachers and various personal programs that
  assist in developing not just the dancer, but the person.

 Dance is a fantastic creative outlet and we want our students to learn, have fun and feel at home!